Marvel offers Mickey Rourke $250,000 for Iron Man 2

Possibly bad news from Variety that may slam the door shut on Samuel L. Jackson returning as Nick Fury. Word is that studios are getting rather stingy with the actor paychecks, and one of those studios happen to be Marvel: "Then there is comeback kid Mickey Rourke, who is poised to follow his Golden Globe-winning performance in "The Wrestler" with an offer to play the main villain in "Iron Man 2" — but at a lowball opening offer of $250,000 from Marvel; Marvel’s tactics have already prompted Samuel L. Jackson to swear off playing Nick Fury because of a similarly low offer." Yipes. Mickey Rourke won a Golden Globe for his stellar work in The Wrestler (which I HIGHLY recommend watching if you've ever been a fan of wrestling) and he did play a role in Sin City as the bruising Marv and is lined up to do a sequel in Sin City 2. So he's got the acting chops and the comic affection to play the role of Crimson Dynamo in Iron Man 2. What I don't get is why Marvel feels they don't have to pay him. My worry is that Marvel is starting to get somewhat of an ego. They're probably the top publisher on the market right now, and with their movie studio gaining some momentum they know they'll be rolling some dough in the near future. But that's reason enough to pay your actors. Its looking more and more likely that Jackson won't be returning as Nick Fury because of money, and if Marvel thinks they can just keep replacing actors in their films they are sorely mistaken. Maybe I speak for just me, but I like to see continuity in terms of actors playing the roles of Marvel characters. I mean, the company is preaching continuity in its films, so why not pay for the continuity as far as actors go. Marvel offers Mickey Rourke $250,000 for Iron Man 2


  1. Roarke was right to hold out for more money; it's Iron Man 2 -- they can afford more than 250k


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