Marvel turns 70

I wasn't around for Timely Comics. You could say it was before my time even (zing!). But I know that what Timely became was Marvel Comics, which is the gorilla in the comic book industry that everyone is trying to dethrone. They currently boast a killer lineup of writers and artists, Stan "The Man" Lee and a friendship with the new President of the United States (Spider-Man does at least). All worthwhile reasons for celebrating their 70th birthday. Marvel has set up a Marvel website that looks at their 70 years. It includes (and will include) details on special commemorative releases to special collections. Word has it that there will even be an awesome variant cover of Captain America #46 by Marko Djurdjevic. There will most likely be tons of other memorabilia to take a gander at that's Marvel as well, so the site is the definitive source for all things seventy year old Marvel. Marvel Seventy Years