Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2

The latest news out of the Iron Man 2 camp is that Mickey Rourke has been added to the film. Slashfilm reports (via Variety) that Rourke has been added to the cast as Ivan. Variety originally reported that he was added to the cast as the Crimson Dynamo, but recent speculation has him protraying Whiplash. This should get interesting as it all gets sorted out. Sam Rockwell is also being reported as being added to the cast, possibly as Justin Hammer. Hammer is the supervillain "equal" to Tony Stark, in that he's just as rich and just as tech savvy but twice as illegal. If these two rumors pan out, it means that we might not be seeing the Ten Rings and Madarin in the sequel, but perhaps this is setting it up for the third film. Stay tuned for details. It seems that Jon Favreau may be going for more of a tech suit battle type of film, which would be pretty awesome. Seeing what amounts to three Iron Man suits on screen battling would be a worthy sequel to the surprise smash hit that the first film was. Mickey Rourke added to Iron Man 2 cast