Screenshots of The Dark Knight game you'll never see

You may have heard that there was a game affiliated with The Dark Knight that at first seemed would be really cool, but then got canceled for whatever reason. Its still kind of fun though to think about what could've been. For example, what did the game look like? Since the project was canceled, you'd be hard-pressed to find assets right? Not so says Kotaku of Australia! Kotaku AU has an interesting theory regarding the below screens. They are the work of MIchael Pryor, a former Pandemic Brisbane artist. He has since moved over to Pandemic LA where he continues to work on various other projects he can't talk about. But these shots certainly look very Batmanish, and could very well be from the game that never was. It also wholly possibly that these shots have nothing to do at all with the canceled game and we're just reading way too much into them. Screenshots of The Dark Knight game you'll never see