Spider-Man 4 set to film in 2010

Everyone knows that Sony is going to try and get as much as possible out of the Spider-Man movie franchise. I mean, come on; its a cash cow. The quality of the films peaked with Spider-Man 2 and slipped a bit with Spider-Man 3, but despite that the trilogy is still some of the best comic book movies ever made. A big part of what made the trilogy great was the spot-on characters, especially J. Jonah Jameson. The same Jameson (ok, J.K. Simmons) who told MTV Splash Page Spider-Man 4 will be filming in 2010. He also mentioned his take on his character. “We’ve definitely brainstormed ideas for Triple-J, but I have no desire to make Triple-J more of the focus of those movies,” he said. “The amount that I did in 1, 2 and 3, is just exactly right. Like be the wolf. Come in, blow in, do a week, blow out, be the comic relief, and hit the road. And let Tobey and everybody else do the heavy lifting.” Simmons is just an awesome guy. He always takes roles and delivers his lines perfectly, but also knows his role relative to the respective movie as a whole. And he definitely has the cigar chomping, short fused Jameson role down pat. His on-screen time is always a treat, and I'm stoked to see what he's got for us in the fourth film. J. Jonah Jameson talks Spider-Man 4


  1. this is just an awesome picture of jonah it is almost like that guy in batman where he goes and this. haha


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