Spider-Man 4 villain Morbius?

The talk of the Marvel Universe as of late is all about Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men...etc. But what about Spider-Man? If it weren't for those movies, Marvel would most likely be facing some of the same economic problems that a lot of other companies are facing. But the Spider-Man trilogy could be described as singlehandedly saving Marvel. So let's turn our attention to Spider-Man 4. In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Sam Raimi let loose a bit about who he would like to see in the fourth film. “I like it in the Marvel comics when Spider-Man fights Morbius,” said Raimi. “He’s really cool. A vampire! I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural.” Interesting. Morbius would be an interesting villain, and his origin does reflect that of Lizard's. So its not too far fetched as far as the villains go. Raimi would be smart to spread out the two villains over the next two movies though, just to avoid the crowdedness that Spider-Man 3 suffered from. But I'm all for using the villains that aren't as familiar to the everyday fan, although I would still LOVE to see an Absolute Carnage storyline with Venom returning and Carnage. Spider-Man 4 villain Morbius