Th3rd World Publisher's first Free Comic Book Day

I like the fact that more and more publishers are getting involved with Free Comic Book Day. There is so much quality work out there that just falls between the cracks because people aren't willing to drop $2.99 on something that they've never heard of before. Like Stuff of Legend from Th3rd World Publishers, which will have a free offering on FCBD. Stuff of Legend is about a group of small toys in a Brooklyn bedroom fighting a war to save their owner from every child's worst nightmare: the Boogeyman. Colonel (a toy soldier) and Max (a teddy bear) must venture into The Dark to face the Boogeyman and his army of the child's forgotten and bitter toys. Oh, and its all set against the 1944 backdrop of World War II. See? Would you ever really pick that up without necessarily knowing what its about? Well, now you have your chance on FCBD to check it out as the first twenty pages of the first issue will be offered for free. So add it to your ever growing free comic book list, and take a risk on an unknown. Th3rd World Publishers at Free Comic Book Day