Top Cow Solicitations: April 2009

Never too soon to look two months ahead now is it? Top Cow has posted their solicitations for April of this year, and there are some tasty looking choices up there. Like what you ask? Let's delve in a bit deeper with Pop Culture Zoo shall we? Witchblade #126 continues to the War of the Witchblades, where the rift between wielders Sara Pezzini and Dani Baptiste deepens into all-out hostility. Meanwhile, the mysterious manipulator who has been pulling the strings in Sara and Dani’s lives finally reveals himself, and chaos follows in his wake. Another great book from the Witchblade universe is Broken Trinity: Aftermath. The quest for the 13 artifacts in the Top Cow Universe continues as Michael Finnegan wrestles with the power of the Glacier Stone, and his first test might be saving Darkness wielder Jackie Estacado from himself. Meanwhile Glorianna Silver suffers from her banishment at the hands of The Angelus, and in order to survive, she will have to embrace the power of the Ember Stone and the destiny it has for her. What about the non-Witchblade fans? Well, there's Impaler #4, Pilot Season 2008 Vol. 2 Trade Paperback and Jingle Belle: Santa Claus Vs. Frankenstein Signed, which while slightly out of season is still signed. So there are definitely some Top Cow books you should have on your list in April (and other months in the year), while keeping in mind that all Top Cow comics are going to be $2.99 this year as part of their comic book stimulus plan. Top Cow Solicitations: April 2009