WB asks for faster decision on Watchmen

The phrase "watching the Watchmen" has a lot more meaning now because of one Judge Gary A. Feess. As in Feess will determine whether or not we actually get to watch the Watchmen at all on March 6. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers wants to make that happen, and to that end have asked for a more timely decision on the matter. Citing a precedent-setting decision involving eBay that says a plaintiff in a copyright-infringement case must prove that it will be irreparably harmed without an injunction and that money damages will not be an adequate remedy, the WB feels that Fox doesn't stand to lose that much when compared to WB. Which is true, because at this point Fox doesn't have anything invested in the film other than the potential truckloads of cash WB would dump on their lawn. WB has marketing, film and distribution costs associated with the film (and now legal costs). If the film's release is delayed then Warner stands to lose a lot of money. Fox doesn't stand to lose anything at all, as they've invested nothing in the film beyond the original money they spent back in 1994 for distribution rights. There will be a status call this morning in Los Angeles (probably happening now as you read this with the time difference) to decide next steps. WB wants to bring in witnesses, but Fox wants a ruling made based only on the written arguments submitted. At face value, it really seems like Fox has no case, but if that were it than I don't think Feess would have granted the injunction against releasing the film in the first place. Omnicomic will have an update as soon as it becomes available, but for now you may want to pencil in March 6 on your calendar as opposed to ink it in. Who knows where this case could go... WB asks for quicker decision in Watchmen trial