Amazing Spider-Man #583 pleads the 5th

This is pretty ridiculous. Amazing Spider-Man #583 will go to the presses for a fifth time, as it seems that fans can't get nearly enough Obama. The issue featured Obama with the thumbs up and Spidey in the background, and also featured a small substory where the two meet. Oh, and Spidey is Obama's favorite superhero, so there's that as well. The book hits stores February 18, and will set you back $2.99. The fifth printing is a "record" as declared by Marvel, and regardless of whether it really is or not the fact that any issue of any book gets to a fifth printing is amazing (pardon the pun). This is definitely worth picking up if you're an Obama fan, and it is also a phenomenal representation of the new crossing over that is occurring with comics and the mainstream press. Amazing Spider-Man #583 hits fifth printing