Buck Rogers to sell for 25 cents

Yep, you read it right. According to Wizard Universe, the return of the fabled Buck Rogers comic will cost only $0.25. Not $2.50 or more, but $0.25. Buck Rogers #0 will hits stores in May for $0.25. "We're planning Buck's launch to be one of our biggest of 2009, one that will propel him into the comics future. We could think of no more appropriate way to welcome fans to this totally fresh take on one of comicdom's first heroes than to offer his first new comics adventure in years at this incredible introductory price." "Dynamite's reinvention of Buck Rogers will follow the path Dynamite has blazed with its previous successful titles, and to ensure the comics audience can read the launch, we're releasing the comic at a .25¢ cover price. Dynamite is proud to be instrumental in re-inventing and continuing the legacies of historical characters and their worlds with creators who can execute great stories. We're equally proud of the consistent critical and fan responses to our efforts, and are confident that Scott Beatty and Carlos Rafael will deliver. We're confident that Buck Rogers will extend Dynamite's own tradition of creating and bringing together generations of fans in the most thrilling way possible, which is why we are launching it at an Introductory Priced. This will allow retailers to stock it, and fans to try it, and see the quality, inexpensively." stated Dynamite President Nick Barrucci. Now I'm one of those youngins that never really knew about Buck Rogers back in its heyday. Of course, I attribute that mostly to having not being born, but I can respect the book. This "reboot" will feature covers by John Cassaday and Alex Ross, so that's definitely winning information right there. And since its going to be so cheap you really have no reason not to pick it up. Dynamite Entertainment has some good books, and this will definitely be one to add to your collection and get you hooked on the reinvention of the sci-fi genre. Buck Rogers selling for 25 cents