Defense With the BoomPick

Hey everybody it is Tuesday already and what we have here is my pick of the week. When I am not out fighting the undead I do enjoy a casual read and what is more than good for a casual read is a comic book. I know with the whole zombie end of the world thing no new ones have come out but hey, just means plenty of old ones to find and I am sorry to say I am guilty of some looting myself (I have raided a few comic book stores here and there in my journeys from the compound). Which is a good thing because I came upon my pick of the week on the last outing and it is Jersey Gods #1. You're probably thinking who would name a comic book series after the worst state (the so called Garden State), and actually be taken seriously? Well these guys bring it to you and in style. Since its Jersey you think that maybe this is a Kevin Smith sort of thing, but no there are actually more people who have talent from there besides him. This list includes creator/writer Glen Brunswick and artist Dan McDaid who brought this idea to Image Comics who are now putting it out there for your enjoyment. This story is about a great god who falls to Earth (into New Jersey of all places) where he is immediately wed to a young Jersian who moves into a house only three blocks from her parents. Can you guess what happens next? Our friendly god here just can’t contain himself to an ordinary life and gets out there to kick ass in this little Garden State. This comic book shows how an all powerful being has to juggle two lives, one as a loving husband and the other as a god. To find out more you will have to pick this one up tomorrow.