Defense With the BoomPick

Is it Tuesday already? You know what that means: it is zombie ass kicking time. Oh wait, that is on Mondays. Today I am going over my pick of the week for new comic book day, which makes Wednesday the best day of the week (behind Fridays of course). My pick is a bit of an oldie to most people and any new kids just getting into comics might not of heard much about them, but this series has been modernized and has a live action movie coming out this year, which is gonna be great. My pick of the week is G.I. Joe Origins #1. Brought to you by IDW Comics this new rendition brings to you the formation of the greatest military group ever to exist defending freedom at every turn and turning back Cobra and the forces of evil all the time. This first issue shows how the new bonds of friendship and how all of the remarkably different people help form the ultimate team. If you have never heard of G.I. Joe or are an old fan of the original comics or the TV show or even then you will enjoy reading this first issue and the many to come afterwards. Enjoy the book and read up. If you needing something else to read after you finish this I suggest you pick up Wolverine #70, It was a pick of mine before and now they've got the second printing coming out because of the awesome story.