Defense With the BoomPick

Hey there folks. It is me again, Brandon here, broadcasting to you from my secret compound and taking a break from fighting the undead to give you my pick of the week. It was a tough week, but there are some good comics coming out tomorrow. The one that stood out to me most features a hero from my youth and everybody’s favorite blue hedgehog. Yes my pick of the week is Sonic Universe #1, a series which takes our hero and puts him in an ever expanding universe with all the favorite characters joining him from his vast number of games. It is a battle royale going on between Shadow and Metal Sonic that spins them into another universe and keeps the fighting going. This new journey for Sonic is a huge departure from the games and other formats that he has been in to bring you great illustrations and awesome jokes. This comic is brought to you by the awesome people over at Archie Comics. There ya have it folks my pick of the week. Enjoy and keep on reading those comics you true believers.