Defense With the BoomStick

Hey everyone out there in zombie land and beyond today looks like another special day. Naw not really. It is Monday and you know what that means: it is time again for yours truly Brandon (your good pal and zombie killer extraordinaire) to come at ya with an all new tip of the week and all the news that you care about and want to hear. So I watched an old tape yesterday of an old Super Bowl. You guys out there remember what this was, the one day all year where the wife won't nag ya during the game because she is watching it for the new commercials...simply a perfect day of bliss. Now can’t say I had the usual platter of foods one might find at a Super Bowl party that I held at my compound for the few people living here with me, but we did well enough. For a bit of news I heard that there are quite the numerous outposts down in Texas, towards the Gulf coast and down towards the Pacific side also. If you are in either region head for those areas and you should find some safe havens to rest at or call home. On to the tip of the week. Today I figured I talk about another method for clearing out an area of zombies. This method is known as an in and out quick sweep. Basically what It comes down to is you and your group take a charge through the city and methodically take shots at zombies as they come out. Now this is important since you are cruising through a mop up is still needed to make sure that the area is finally clear. This method works best in smaller areas so that the truck you are driving can maneuver better and not get stuck because of debris and older cars that can’t be moved. The mop up procedure is something that you should be doing after every operation so long as you can safely do the job. Everybody that is no longer living has to be checked and then marked so that they can be added to the pile to be burned. There it is for today, another way to get our streets back to being owned by us and not those undead bastards. Oh and a heads up for the tip next week. It might or might not be new as I am going on a great journey and might not be back in time. Until then keep living, keep surviving and keep up the fight so we can win this one and get our planet back. Till then catch ya later.