Defense With the BoomStick

It was a long day today but every day is a long day here in zombie world, the perpetual hell that we live in being overrun with the undead. I saw a great many things good and bad on a recent trip and some that still give me nightmares thinking about. I am bone tired so I'm just gonna get into the tip of the week for you fine folks out there. Today I'm going to go over how to handle an attack on your stronghold or fortified place of residence. First off, mark certain areas for specific things, such as where weapons are kept and your survival packs if you need to bail out of there really fast. Also mark where the latrine will be in the farthest area away from the house and the water. Plant a garden so you have your own source of food and if you have gas it should be used sparingly. You can try and manually run the generator by any means possible, such as by treadmill, bike or whatever will work. Next part is to make sure patrols are done on a regular basis. If you are by yourself keep them to daylight patrols and sleep with a gun and light source next to you. Also, whether you're alone or in a group keep a low profile and do any sort of actions or activities in a secured, windowless room like an attic or basement. Make sure to get rid of all the bodies on the undead by either burying them or just simply burning them (you don’t want to risk leaving them around for something else to happen). Maintain a tight discipline in keeping all of your gear in working order and keeping yourself in shape as well. Make sure to have some way to take your mind off the horror that is going on around ya, whether it be playing games with the other people and or using earplugs (if you can’t find ear plugs two 9mm bullets work the same way). The most important part is to have your escape route planned with your survival gear bag next to your escape route. There it is for today. Hope you find it useful and till next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember: stay alive and keep surviving.