Defense With the BoomStick

Hey folks out there in radioland its me again. Yes you know who Brandon. You beloved pal and fellow survivor here just taking time out of my busy day to hit you guys with some knowledge and that knowledge is the tip of the week. But first I have a bit of good news. I heard if you are in the New York city area, there are certain areas of the Bronx and Queens that have walled themselves in and are living quite comfortably. So if you are in that region head their way and try to make a living there. And that the little town in Texas that had built their own little slice of heaven? Well I haven’t heard any transmissions out of there lately so sorry to say folks I think they're gone. Now onto the tip of the week, which is how to operate in an urban setting. Now if you are on the run or just had to leave your safe zone then rule one is to always avoid urban areas. Since they were so highly populated in life then most likely during the outbreak most people didn’t make it out of the city and therefore are still there waiting. But if you have to travel through then follow these tips to enhance your chances of making it. First, if you know the area you are traveling through all the much better because it gives you a better chance of surviving it. If it is new to you try and find a map or some sort of guide to get through the city as fast as possible. Never travel through an urban area in any sort of vehicle except for a bike or two wheel vehicle. You need to keep speed, mobility and versatility and if you drive a big car you lose that and can get stuck easily. If the city had subway tunnels or ways to move underground stay away from these as you will be in pitch black darkness where sound is amplified and at times there would be no where for you to run if surrounded. If on your trek through the urban area you see a pile of zombies or a lot of recent kills all piled around somewhere, there might be a survivors' nest in that area. Be careful though, as they may be friendly or savage, so approach with care. Never, never, never travel into the urban area after dark that is the most dangerous time to do so always go during the day. There it is for today. Your shot at survival just went up a notch if you heard this radio broadcast, and I am signing off as I've got work to do. This is Brandon your fellow survivor and zombie killer. Keep up the fight and remember we will win in the end no matter what.