Enter the Wonder Woman sweepstakes

We're still really, really, really far off from any sort of Justice League film. You can chalk that up to any number of factors, but after wiping your hands clean of the chalk dust we're still no closer to a film. Even individual member films are nowhere near being completed (unless you're named Batman or Superman). But DC is taking a small step in the right direction with the March 3rd release of Wonder Woman on DVD and Blu-ray. So what better time than now to cue up a contest where you could win the movie? The Wonder Woman Sweepstakes (otherwise known as "Get Drawn In") is currently going on over at DC. Entry is simple: just fill out your information and hit submit. What can you win? One grand prize winner will get their likeness drawn into a future issue of the Wonder Woman comic and get a signed and framed piece of the original artwork, in addition to 50 copies of the comics to give to all your friends. One first prize winner will win quite the "wonderful" home theater package featuring a 40" LCD TV, a PS3 and a copy of Wonder Woman on Blu-ray. 10 second prize winners will win the movie on their choice of DVD or Blu-ray. Entry is a breeze, so you really have no reason not to enter. Sure there's a limited supply of prizes, but all you're giving up is the minute or so it would take to enter in your information. So head on over and enter, and if you're not one of the lucky 13 or so winners you can pick the film on March 3, 2009. If it makes you feel any better you'll also get your choice of DVD or Blu-ray, so its kind of like you're a winner as well. Wonder Woman Sweepstakes