First look: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Tedd and I just got out of a twenty minute demo of the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine game and I have just one word to describe it: gory. Raven Software is clearly going for the mature rating on this game as Wolverine rips and shreds his way through multiple enemies. The gameplay seems vaguely familiar from Marvel Ultimate Alliance with a few new attacks mixed in. A really cool feature of the game is that Wolverine shows all his damage as it heals. For example, a gunshot wound to the chest leaves a gaping hole that gradually closes as you continue fighting. And Wolverine has all of his unique powers availble from the start. The lunge ability is just that, his fierce lunge (and you can even target specific enemies to lunge at). Visually the game looked great, but I worry about the gameplay itself. Its one of those games that is a lot of fun at first but it seems that then some of the fighting mechanics get overplayed, which I guess is a necessity of a game like this. I'll say I was impressed, and am eager to see what the final build includes. And there is a nod to comic book fans in that both adamantium and bone claws are available, as well as all of Wolvie's favorite costumes. The demo crew said that this was a labor of love, and it clearly shows in their attention to detail in the game. It will be released May 1, day and date with the film of the same name.