G.L.A.Z.S. tips on survival

The Green Light Anti-Zombie Squad (G.L.A.Z.S.) made an appearance at NY Comic Con and they provided panelgoers with ten surefire tips that can get you out of a jam when faced with the apocalypse. Some of these Brandon has touched on in his column Defense With the BoomStick, while others we'll have to wait for him to address them. But this is definitely a good list to keep around as a basics checklist as far as survival goes. 1. Clear the Room - Obviously, you don't want to set up shop in a room or building that is still infected, so make sure you get every last one of them. 2. Never Turn Your Back on the Enemy - This kind of goes without saying, but your eyes are up front. Keep them there. 3. The Fine Line - Awfully reminiscent of British war tactics. Here you and your team form two lines: one in the front and one in the back. The front unloads their clips and right when the zombies think they have the advantage the front line steps back while the back line steps up and unloads their clips, affording the previous front line the opportunity to reload. 4. Zombies Are the Least of Your Worries - Make sure there's no dissension in the ranks. The last thing you need is that awesome sharpshooter you picked up thinking he would be a great addition to your team killing you in your sleep because he's a psychopath. 5. Choose Your Weapons Wisely - Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Matter of fact, don't use anything close range at all unless your name is Chris Redfield. 6. Windows Are Not Your Friend - Hunger for brains + Breakable windows = Quick end to your life (but on the bright side it could be the start of a great zombie life). 7. No Brains for Oil - That Escalade that was pimp back in the day? Not so much now, since its a gas guzzler. And gas will be in short supply, so choose your vehicles wisely. 8. Fight World War Z with TNT - Explosives are always fun, especially when they're blowing up zombies. 9. Animals - The debate is still out as to whether or not zombies can infect animals, but why risk it? 10. Suit Up - Make sure you have proper equipment to deal with the constant moving you'll be doing. Life won't be easy and you'll be on the run A LOT. G.L.A.Z.S.