Gotham City Dossiers: Monarch Comics

Monarch Comics is a publisher I came across at NY Comic Con. Their self-proclaimed goal is to "publish comic books that live up to what should be their definition: fun. Action, Adventure, Heroes, Villains, Monsters, Mystery, Aliens, and Cliffhangers." They have a great respect for the comics of yore, and it definitely shows through in their books. Their flagship title is Witch Hunter, a book that focuses on the Witch Hunter. The Witch Hunter was around during the Salem Witch Trials and is mystically resurrected 300 years later only to deal with the same problems as before. See, the organization responsible for the corruption and scandal behind the trials are still around in some form in the present, giving Witch Hunter plenty to do to keep busy even 300 years later. War of the Independents is a book from Monarch Comics with Red Anvil Comics that is exactly what the name implies: a war of the independents. The book features a wide assortment of characters from a number of comic book publishers all coming together for various misadventures and general madcap madness. Dawn and Shi can be counted among those in the book, so there is some star wattage within the pages. There are some other good reads over there, most of them feature Witch Hunter in the story. Which isn't a bad thing. Check out Monarch Comics if you get the chance. Monarch Comics