Greg Rucka writing Batwoman?

In the back of the NYCC program this year there was a five-page preview of Detective Comics #854. Admittedly nothing too notable about that until you realize that it focuses on Batwoman. And that Greg Rucka and JH Williams III have been working on this book for two years now. That was all cleared up this past weekend at Rucka's panel where he announced that there wouldn't be a separate Batwoman title, rather an integration of the character into the current Batman storyline. "Which means finally - finally! - I can openly admit that yes, JH Williams III and I have been working on a Batwoman title for nearly two years. And that is both a pleasure and a relief, if I may say so, because I've been wanting to share this for so long it's not funny. And as much as it's been hard for me to keep my tongue still on the subject, I think it's been infinitely harder for JH, all the more so because I believe, sincerely, that this is some of the best work I've ever done, and it's certainly the finest work I've ever had the pleasure of seeing from him." The character has been the subject of much attention and scrutiny since she came out as a lesbian, and many believed that that would hurt her chances to get her own book. So while it seems that she isn't quite getting her own book, she's at least getting some major attention in the Detective Comics series. Over at Rucka's blog he's also got the script and pages for the first five pages of Detective Comics #854, so head on over and check them out. Rucka announces Batwoman at NYCC