Indelible Comics brings you Heist

The folks at Indelible Comics are not content with resting on their laurels. Hot on the heels of the adventures in Hannibal Goes to Rome, the latest from Brendan McGinley and co is Heist, a book that boasts a cynical, thrill-addicted supervillain that is betrayed by his client while stealing a wish-granting relic. Geist is hired for the most challenging crime ever: The Halo. No, there are no Covenant involved in this Halo, but their is a headquarters called Pax Americana that features the world's best superheroes. Needless to say, thing don't go according to plan and Geist if forced to adapt.
Crime pays in HEIST by Bankshot Comics
Some villains are so good the heroes have no idea they exist. HEIST is the collaborative product of writer Brendan McGinley (Hannibal Goes to Rome, Dose and Invisible, Inc.) with Joshua Elder (Mail-Order Ninja, The Batman Strikes), artist Andres Ponce (Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles, Firebirds) and omni-talented colorist Rocio Zucchi (Warcraft) Bankshot Comics’ relentlessly amoral web series follows a super-powered thief known only as Geist to the few who know him at all. His only confidant is Jin, a magic ring with the power to make him a living ghost: invisible. Intangible. Unstoppable. And bored out of his mind. Fortunately, he’s hired for the most challenging crime ever: steal an artifact known as The Halo from the headquarters of Pax Americana, the world’s premiere team of superheroes. What follows is a caper gone wrong that becomes an epic, riches-to-rags story of a horrible person’s rise to power and fall to grace. Crime pays, but there is more beyond. HEIST Crime Pays LOGLINE: A cynical, thrill-addicted supervillain is betrayed by his client while stealing a wish-granting relic. CHARACTERS GEIST – Real name unknown. Handsome, vicious, charming, jerk. Imagine if James Bond had never been picked up by an agency that tempered his excesses. JIN – Geist’s ring and sole confidant. A bit of a dry wit, it chips away at him and acts as his better judgment. Its personality may be purely an expression of Geist’s own conscience rather than an inherent spirit in the ring. Regardless, it passes the Turing test. KAHIN AL’MAGHREBI – An ancient sorcerer concerned only with power and prestige, he is the end-result of a lifestyle like Geist’s, though he has more patience and cunning. Very much one to carry a grudge against our anti-hero over who betrayed whom first. LORD HISH – King of N.U.L.L., the crime syndicate that engulfs the world, he schemes world conquest from his remote palace. He taps Geist as a useful and worthy heir. BADOURA – Hish’s daughter and the only person he or Geist trusts, if only because they know exactly how far they can’t trust her. In fact, she has the ability to gain anyone’s confidence, and makes herself useful to al’Maghrebi upon his ascent to power. PAX AMERICANA – The world’s premier superteam is a collection of scariest powerhouses on the planet under the command of the single-impulse Patriot. A slightly more judicious Brother Jon coordinates team strategies, but is still prone to overkill.