Marvel makes nice with Samuel L. Jackson

When the credits rolled in Iron Man and those of us that stuck around to see the surprise clip at the ending we cheered. Samuel L. Jackson was Nick Fury, and he approached Tony Stark about creating a better version of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fans were stoked to think that we would be seeing this version of Nick Fury in all of Marvel's new films, but recent events threw that notion into question. That is until more recent events occurred. Variety reports that Mr. Jackson has signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel. And by multi-picture I mean nine pictures. And he's Nick Fury in all of them. Now the most immediate ramifications of this is we'll most likely see him in Iron Man 2. But beyond that, we can expect to see him in Thor, Captain America, Avengers and any other Marvel film that the producers feel could use some screaming awesomeness in. I'm glad that Marvel finally ponied up the cash for Jackson. It isn't necessarily confirmed that Marvel refused to pay Jackson in the first place, but it seems to be a growing trend with the comics goliath and their big name actors in films. They really don't have an excuse not to pay either, because these films are bringing in so much loot. But at least now we know Samuel L. will be back as Nick Fury for the immediate future. Samuel L. Jackson back as Nick Fury