Marvel news and tidbits from the future

What kind of con would it be if there wasn't any news from Marvel? Greg Pak is returning to the Hulk universe, however he's not focusing on Hulk. Rather, he's going to look at Skaar, the son of Hulk. Planet Skaar will visit the true origins of Skaar and begins in May. Pak was rather coy about the possibility of Skaar encountering his dad, but he did say we should keep our eyes and wallets open. The last panel that Marvel held had a few interesting tidbits of news about the future of their universe. First off, Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting are working on a new project called The Marvels Project which will debut in June. The idea behind it is that the origins of some of the earliest Marvel heroes will be revealed. This is of course part of the seventieth anniversary of Marvel. Finally, Spider-Man will get a Halloween one-shot. Spider-Man: The Short Halloween will be written by Seth Meyers and Bill Hader. Yes, those are two of the folks from Saturday Night Live. The artist will be Kevin Maguire, so there's no SNL tie there. But back to the book. The story is about mistaken identities, as a fake Spider-Man is confronted by bad guys while the real Spider-Man hangs out with the impostor's friends on Halloween. With SNL folks writing, you can expect some madcap madness.