Neil Patrick Harris as the Flash?

A big screen adaptation of the Flash has been in and out of film purgatory for years now. There was some light when the supposed Justice League was just starting to get off the ground, but that quickly unraveled. Meaning all members of the Justice League who were going to be in the movie would go back to having their own movies (Batman and Superman excluded of course). So its about time we got those rumors going again about possible Flash casting. And Screen Rant thinks it might be "love stains in the back seat" himself Neil Patrick Harris. This wouldn't be too much of a departure for him, as he voiced the Scarlet Speedster in Justice League: New Frontier. But could he do the role in real life? However, nothing is every easy, as he is rumored to be up against Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights fame. And don't completely rule out Ryan Reynolds, whose quick mouth and proclivity for playing superheroes may give him an edge. Stay tuned for more details as they become available. NPH rumored as Flash