Why zombies always win

This is your old pal Brandon, taking a breather from killing zombies to debate something that has been bothering me. In all these zombie movies that have come out the same thing happens over and over again: everybody panics at first, then some people realize what is going on and do something, and they lose some but otherwise make it somewhere they think is safe (or something along those lines). For example, in Dawn of the Dead they make a living out of a mall and it works; I mean, they could live there for a good few years with the amount of food and stuff to keep your mind off the millions of zombies wanting to eat them outside. But that thought eats away at them so much that they decide to stay is to die and to make a run for an island is to live and be free. What it boils down to is that they do something stupid when they should have just stayed at the freaking mall. In the sequel, Land of the Dead, there is a huge city that is walled off and safe to live in, and it works for them for awhile until what happens? Dissidents from within cause the wall to fall allowing zombies to get into the city and prove again that too many people and a class system will ruin you in the end, and the zombies always win. If you look no matter what happens they always freaking win. You never see this in the movies however, as its up to comics to fill the void and inform you of the life after death so to speak. I am talking about the Walking Dead series, the Zombie Tales series and the longstanding Army of Darkness series (which is not quite zombies per se but undead enough). The Walking Dead rocks because it shows what happens after that last freak out and the zombies win what happens: people keep moving on and surviving. Zombie Tales goes on to show what happens after the zombies win as well: they actually gain some intelligence and don’t kill every human but raise them in farms and sell them to zombies. Army of Darkness simply just rocks, so be sure to read it and everything Ash is in as you will love them. And I didn't forget about freaking Marvel Zombies, which just finished up the third set. I bring these books up as they show what happens after the zombies win. But there is one time that they actually freaking lose. This moment in time is??? The first freaking zombie movie ever, Night of the Living Dead from 1968, George Romero’s first dance into the zombie genre where he makes himself at home. This awesome black and white movie is great in that it has that old school terror going on. The "heroes" get someplace safe and then the inner fighting starts, leading them to eventually do something stupid and try and run. Of course this ends with a few of them get blown up with the truck they were trying to fuel up. Then the last few survivors in the house turn on each other while they are overrun which eventually leads to one guy left in the basement. Now you might say to yourself "what are you talking about...that sounds like the zombies won?" Well in this case for the people in the house the zombies did win, but the outside government and police people knew what was up from the get go and had the area of infected surrounded. They cleared the infection military style: a long line moving through the fields killing any zombies they came upon. Which worked great as they had the National Guard keeping perimeter so nothing got out. It sucks though, because in the end our sole survivor walks up the stairs and sees the guys coming killing all the zombies and then...I'm not gonna ruin the movie if you ain’t seen it. The point of this rant is that no matter what, the zombies always win. We just need to see what happens afterwards more often. Sorry, this has just been bothering me. Enjoy!