10 minutes of Watchmen revealed

Have you checked your watch lately (if you're one of those people that happen to have a watch still)? If not, you may not have noticed that the time has suddenly changed to 11:54 PM. Or six minutes to midnight if you prefer it that way. Either way you look at it, its time to head to the Watchmen site of the same name to check out 10 minutes from the upcoming film. The recently launched site has tons of interactive content where you can check out some behind the scenes stuff and character vignettes. The flashy web page opens with a warning that the end is nigh and takes you through sort of an interactive quiz opening of the film. The actual footage is interspersed with the chance to answer questions to unlock the next character vignette on the list. Its a pretty cool site and will take about ten minutes of your time if you're really feeling it. Oh, by the way, the film hits theaters and IMAX this Friday (March 6). Hope you've got your tickets... Six Minutes to Midnight