After Dark Reign...a quiet respite for the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe has been through some crazy stuff as of late. House of M, where Scarlet Witch effectively destroyed all mutants. Civil War, which pitted Captain America and Iron Man, two stalwarts of the universe against one other with the former dying. Secret Invasion, pitting mutant against mutant with no one knowing who was who. And now, Dark Reign. If you're a character in the Marvel Universe, you haven't really been having very good days. Brighter days could be ahead however, as Joe Quesada mentioned in his recent MySpace blog that things will be settling down. At least for the Avengers. Joe Q speaks in his blog that there is nothing major planned in the Avengers corner of the universe. Unless you consider something along the lines of Planet Hulk major. “'Dark Reign' will take us right about to the end of this year. After that, we’ll be stepping back and kind of taking a breath. We have no immediate events planned after that, at least in the Avengers’ corner of the universe. You may see a few smaller, “Planet Hulk”-sized events, but nothing quite as sweeping as a Civil War or Secret Invasion for a little while. And those will be happening in other parts of the Marvel U. And speaking of Andy Diggle again, Andy will be playing a very, very large part in onesome of these “Planet Hulk”-sized events. At least one of them." This isn't necessarily the best news because we all like phenomenal stories. But it does mean we don't have to keep track of a zillion different comics and checklists to make sure we get every aspect of the stories. You may be asking who that Andy Diggle character is referenced above. That would be the new writer of Dardevil. He'll be replacing Ed Brubaker starting with issue #501. Those are massive shoes to fill indeed, but Joe Q has full confidence in the newly signed exclusive writer. "Well, I think Andy really showed us something when he took over Thunderbolts. He has a certain feel, a certain “bite” to his stories, and he just writes tremendous, tremendous villains. He writes mean characters! [laughs] And there’s something there that resonated with all of us in editorial, where we just thought he could write the piss out of Daredevil." So despite the lack of mega-super-crossover-epic-universe changing events, we still have some stuff to look forward to in the Marvel Universe. Marvel settling down after Dark Reign