Ando spills the goods on Heroes

James Kyson Lee isn't a name that's as synonymous with household as Masi Oka is, but he's proving to be more relevant these days as far as Heroes goes. Lee plays Ando, the once powerless moral compass for Hiro who has quickly risen in popularity due to his newfound powers (and Hiro's lack thereof). The last episode showed Ando and Hiro at a house where they find a baby which they realize is baby Matt Parkman. So what could possibly be next for the new family? Lee spilled plenty to SciFi Wire. Lee's biggest confession was that we can expect his power to grow. "Right now, we know that it can supercharge other people's abilities, but if you remember the very first episode of [volume three] "Villains," we got a glimpse into an alternate future where you saw Ando blast away my buddy with this sort of electric red lightning type of blast. So there's a lot more to this power than what's been revealed, and I think when we come back, you'll see one more new dimension to that ability. Well, I don't want to give away too much, but you'll be able to see if and how that could possibly happen. I'm not saying that that scene that we saw was going to happen at all, but in terms of seeing the ability evolve, you are definitely going to see that. I'll tell you, he'll be more than a supercharger. He'll be a lot more." That's an intriguing possibility. Last I checked, there were no new ways for people to get powers. Unless of course Mohinder or Nathan stashed some of the medicine away for situations just as this. That being said, the thought of Ando increasing his power is pretty interesting and should make for rampant speculation about him and Hiro. Other than that, the interview focused on Lee lauding the return of better writers, and the possibility that Parkman's son could have some powers of his own. When he grows up of course. Ando on Heroes