Body Bags in June

Image Comics has gone into their archives and dusted off an old comic. This old comic was written by Jason Pearson and was affectionately called Body Bags. And the work is set to make a grand return this June, just in time for Father's Day. Body Bags: Father's Day collects the origin story of Mack (Clown Face) who is the best "body bagger" in the business. His life is turned upside down and inside out however when his daughter, Panda (disclaimer: she's not actually a bear) shows up as a rival bagger with him as her target. From there it's nothing but warm and fuzzy father-daughter bonding (without the tequila shots). The 128-page full color softcover will sell for $14.99 and will be in stores June 17th, 2009. Somehow the phrase "put him in a bodybag yeah!" has never been more appropriate. Full press release below. JASON PEARSON COLLECTS BODY BAGS THIS JUNE! Jason Pearson's long out of print high-octane action series with a paternal twist returns in a completely new collection just in time for Father's Day! 30 March 2009 (Berkeley, CA) - This June Image Comics brings back Jason Pearson’s long out of print BODY BAGS: FATHER'S DAY mini-series in an all-new collection! “I’m very happy to see the FATHER’S DAY trade paperback in print after so many years," Pearson said. "People have been asking for this collection for a while now, and after the success of the BODY BAGS: ONE SHOT, the timing is finally right. There are lots of new Mack and Panda fans that are just discovering these characters and they need access to the story that started it all.” BODY BAGS collects the sold-out origin story of Mack (a.k.a. Clown Face), the best ‘body bagger’ in the business, and the sudden arrival of his estranged daughter, Panda, as a rival 'bagger' threatens to end her life. In short order Mack has to learn just how he'll handle a wild teenage daughter determined to follow in her daddy’s lethal footsteps. In addition, the collection will feature never-before-seen artwork and bonus materials that will have fans old and new coming back for more! BODY BAGS, VOL. 1: FATHER'S DAY TP (APR090358), a 128-page full color softcover for $14.99, will be in stores June 17th, 2009.