Boston Comic Con

Comic conventions are becoming all the rage these days as a great way for exhibitors to get their works out to the public. San Diego is the grandaddy of all cons, but New York is rapidly ascending as far as conventions go. What other major cities have conventions? Omnicomic's hometown Boston for example, in a little over a month over the two days of April 4 & 5. Now I made comparisons to other conventions, but don't be fooled: Boston is nothing like this. What it basically amounts to is a large room with some random people selling comics, while fans meander about trying to figure out which back issues to buy. Its nothing compared to San Diego and New York. But in all fairness you have to start somewhere. The event is April 4 & 5 and is $10 each day to get in. Some of the talent at the show include: Whilce Portacio - Mr. Portacio broke into the industry in 1985 as an inker on Marvel Comics such as Longshot and New Mutants. Before long, he gained wide acclaim as the lead artist for The Punisher, X-Factor, and Uncanny X-Men. In 1992, Mr. Portacio left Marvel with several other top talents to form Image Comics, where he created his own series, Wetworks. Currently, Mr. Portacio is working with fellow Image co-founder Todd McFarlane on the supernatural hit series, Spawn. Jim Cheung - Joining The Boston Comic Con is Marvel "Young Gun" artist Jim Cheung, best known for his work on groundbreaking series such as Young Avengers, Avengers: Illuminati, and countless covers. Jim is a fan favorite of the superhero genre, world-renowned for his widescreen style. Paul Gulacy - Multi-award winning virtuoso artist Paul Gulacy burst onto the comic book scene in the 70s with Master of Kung Fu and continues to amaze fans on series including Batman, Terminator, Star Wars, and Catwoman. Mike Allred - Boston Comic Con is excited to announce Madman creator Mike Allred! An indie sensation for the last twenty years, Allred has gone on to create Red Rocket 7, the Atomics, and X-Statix. Additionally his work has appeared in the feature films Mallrats and Chasing Amy, in which Allred has a cameo as himself. Dick Ayers - Living legend Dick Ayers, a veteran comic book artist with over six decades of work and one of the founding members of the Marvel bullpen, comes to Boston and will regale fans with stories of the early days of Marvel. So if you live in Boston, then by all means check it out. But I can't really say I would recommend traveling too far to get to it. And yes, the above image does boast a date of November 2...I can't help that the website doesn't update their graphics. Boston Comic Con