DC Direct Batman multi-part statue

Straight from DC Direct is the ultimate collectible for all you Batman fans out there: the Batman family multi-part statue. The statue is made up of four different pieces that all join together to form the ultimate statue. The first part features Robin and Catwoman reclining on a gargoyle, the second statue features the Huntress and Nightwing and the third shows off Batwoman and Commissioner Gordon. The final piece of this amazing offer (the coup de grace if you will) features the Dark Knight himself, cape spread and standing over all. The entire statue put together measures approximately 11" high x 17" wide x 11.5" deep. All pieces are hand-painted, cold-cast in porcelain and include the Certificate of Authenticity that will make all your friends jealous. The first part becomes available to buy in October 14, 2009 for the low price of $150.00 US dollars so you've got plenty of time to save up. No word on the cost of the other three, but be sure you'll probably need to be Bruce Wayne to be able to afford them. DC Direct Batman multi-part statue