Defense With the BoomPick

Hey all out there on this fine Tuesday afternoon, it is I Brandon, your faithful guide in the world of the undead. Today I am taking time out of my day to bring to you my pick of the week for new comics. This week's pick is a real mind twist as you don't know what side our hero is on. The name of this week's comic pick is Killer of Demons, brought to you by our fine friends over at Image Comics. What makes this comic unique is that the hero, Dave Sloan (a junior accountant excutive), is the only man who can see the devils that walk the earth bringing hell with them. With an angel at his side he is taking on the quest of destroying all the undead that have invaded the Earth and it turns out that all of his coworkers and the people that annoy Dave are the Demons. This begs the question is he actually killing demons or is he just a homicidal maniac who can't tell reality from real life anymore?? You be the judge and pick this one up tomorrow and enjoy some good reading. This is Brandon bringing you my pick of the week. Hope you enjoy it and keep up the good fight.