Defense With the BoomStick

“Hey throw me that clip of ammo man I am out” Brandon says. “Yea man here, we got only these two left.” Hey everybody this is Brandon here and I want to apologize...we got a little situation going on (a breach) and are just now finishing it up. Hey get that one over there. Alrighty then seems it is all taken care of...hey making sure your toss those bodies over the wall then burn them. Ok let’s get to it for today as it seems Monday is here once again so let's get to the point. Not much in the way of news, sorry people nothing new out there so far but keep hope. The tip of the week is helpful to you if you are way down south had have to travel through a swamp. If you are on the run avoid these areas as much as possible as a swamp is the worst case scenario to have to travel through so take care to avoid them, but if you can’t here are some steps you can take to make sure you survive it. As you travel through the swamp you have no chance of traveling with any stealth at all as the splashes give you away (plus the mud slows ya down since you will be weighed down with your gear). When going across the swamp find a nice large stick that you can use to feel what is out in front of you and if you have to go through any body of water make sure to stick the shallowest at all possible. The reason behind that is a zombie could be stuck in the mud below and just waiting for someone to come by and bite you. Make sure to use your surroundings to your advantage as the swamps are home to tons of different types of animals that you can use them as a warning system as it shows that animals can tell where zombies are near. Also when going into the water keep an eye out for any ripples in the water, as that might a zombie or might be a big ass alligator coming to kill ya (that is what makes this terrain so dangerous). And there you are for today you got it hot off my brain and into your plans to keep on surviving. So until next week and I’ll be back up here again and hopefully won’t be in a firefight when it is that time again. This is Brandon signing off; remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.