Defense With the BoomStick

Howdy, howdy, howdy there. It seems that Monday has rolled its fiery head around again so you know what that means: I am here in the radio throwing out all the stuff you want and need to know. Brandon here (just Brandon) as there's no need to know my last name as of right now, not until we win this war against those freaking undead bastards. So it seems time to bust some knowledge on all you survivors out there and help you live just that much longer which will rock cause if you don’t then you become one of them and then you're just part of the problem not the solution. For a bit of news, it seems there is a new powerhouse in the world in the terms of countries as Cuba is helping the rest of the Caribbean with their zombie problem. So if you're anywhere near there most of those islands are becoming secure. The way to tell is if you see white flags on the beaches then that means the island is secure. Just be sure that you have no infected with you as you will not be able to land if you do. For us mainlanders in the United States more of the country is coming back under control. Or should I say more safe zones are popping up? But don’t let that put your guard down as zombies are still everywhere, so be sure to stay alert and stay safe. Today the tip of the week is gonna focus on more types of terrain and how to travel through fight in them when you need to take an area back-get your pen and paper out and take some notes. I am talking about the hilly type of terrain that you will find in certain parts of the country. With the hills come advantages and disadvantages just like pretty much every terrain. It is best to travel in the valleys of the hills and stay low so as not to been seen by any zombies that might be on top of the hills. Make sure to keep your eyes in front of you and also on the top of the hills for any zombies and be able to drop quickly in the grass. Sometimes it is good to go to the top of the hill so you can get your bearings and a good lay of the land, while at the same time confirming your route to spot any zombies that might be lurking. Just be cautious when climbing the hill as there could be who knows what on the top or on the other side heading your way. The best way to do it is to keep your eyes primed for any crouching or slump figures and crawl up the hill very slowly, keeping your ears open for their moan. Using this terrain in fighting is simple as can be: you want the high ground to fight from for few basic reasons. First off you get the better view and can take better shots as you are above and this improves the chances of headshots. Plus, remember zombies are only as strong or mobile as they were before and their muscles and bodies fall apart over time making it tougher for them to climb up the hill towards you. If on the hill there is a nice huge rock you should get on it so you are able to kill the zombies at your leisure without them getting to you. There is your tip of the week to use and help us win this war. I'm signing off and taking care of needs around my compound so until next week keep alert, keep surviving and keep up hope.