Defense With the BoomStick

It looks like Monday has rolled around again and you know what that means, it is the beginning of a new week, which is both good and bad but good for you fine folks listening to me out there on the radio. It's your good pal Brandon, here to bring you the hard hitting news and words to live by and to kill zombies by so that we will win the war. So for starters let us look at the news if there is any as I have not heard much over the airwaves of good news. Been hearing plenty of bad news but no need to go over that as the world we live in is all bad news. For a bit of good news I have heard Alaska is making a united front and is slowly taking back their entire state. Much of the Aleutian Islands are clear and they are making a push towards Anchorage as well. Enough of the news as that is the only good piece of it as the rest I can’t say what else I have heard as it even gives me nightmares. So for the tip of the week I am gonna go over the best way to move while on the water. First off, being out on the open seas is both good and bad for ya. Sometimes you have to worry about more than zombies out on the seas. Having a boat with a motor is the best type of boat to have when out on the open water for its speed and control. You will run out of fuel eventually, so having a boat with both motor and sail is a great combination to have that will let you reach further places then a motor alone would allow. Plus it is good to have the ability to move without the motor as the noise will draw any zombie to the beach or coastline you are near and thus not allow you to dock anywhere say you need supplies. The drawback with sails is it takes years of practice and skill to maneuver and steer a ship with the wind, so make sure you have a sailor in your group or if you are by yourself and not a good sailor alternate between the motor and sails to learn the best you can. Besides skill it also comes down to muscle and practice, as with sailing you have to sleep but sometimes the sea can be unpredictable and you can find yourself in the middle of a huge storm. You must possess the know how to get out of it or else you are screwed. There are all types of boats and water craft that you can use to make your escape out on the ocean, so make sure to study them careful and make a good choice or you could find yourself stranded. That is it for this week. There is the tip, and I hope it helps some of you out there on the islands and coasts survive longer and help us win this fight. Till next week this is Brandon signing off and remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.


  1. ya just had to use a resident evil 5 picture huh?


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