Defense With the BoomStick

Looks like it is that time again already. Man, Monday creeps up on you without you even realizing it. Hey everybody this is Brandon here coming at ya form my compound deep in the...ah you thought I was gonna tell you were I am ha. Not gonna happen then everybody and their brother will be wanting to live here. Sorry, I can’t help ya but if you happen to find it then we can work something out. Anyhow it is that time of the week for my new tip to help you survive this zombie apocalypse and rebuild the human world as we see fit. I am also supposed to bring ya the news but I never really heard anything good this past week that will bring good cheer to all you listeners out there, so I'm just gonna have to get right to the tip of the week. I believe last week I went over the ways to make it on the open seas. This week I figured I would elaborate a bit more on it to help you survive just a bit longer. First off if you have never sailed before or are traveling a waterway or area for the first time try and locate some info about it. For example, if there are rapids, bridges, dams or anything that might hinder your traveling along the water. Check places near the river way for maps or knowledge of that water but be careful of zombies lurking near the shore. With traveling in the water make sure to stay in deeper parts; if too shallow then zombies can get onto your boat without your knowledge and kill you. Plus, if you travel through shallow waters and there are zombies underneath you might lose parts of your propeller or rudder by hitting that zombie and then you would be screwed. Always be prepared and make sure to be readily supplied, with enough food and water for your trip as nothing sucks more then be caught on the open ocean with no drinking water. Make sure to have all the necessary supplies for the boat too if it runs on gas, and the tools needed to filter water for cooking and bathing. The most important piece of information is that whenever you are anchored somewhere for the night have your lookout keep an eye on where the anchor is tied so that no zombie climbs up it and onto your boat. That is it for today. This tip should keep you alive while on the open seas or just in a river as well. This is Brandon, needing to sign off so I can get some work done around my compound. Until next week remember to keep up the fight keep surviving and keep alive.