Defense With the BoomStick

Check, Check can you hear me?? Man is this freaking thing even working? Twist that wire...almost got it. Ok try it now. Hello am I being received?? Awesome. Sorry folks out there just tuning into my weekly radio broadcast. I've been having a little problems here at the compound, and had to do some work. Looks like we got it working right on time, because I don’t know what I do if I could not get my voice and tips out there for you fine survivors to hear. So let us get down to it. For those of you who don’t know this is Brandon, your fellow survivor and teacher of all things zombie and bringing you the news that you want to know. We just now got the radio working again, a few more survivors showed up at my compound and thankfully one of them used to be a electrician at a news broadcast station so I am feeling damn lucky. For a bit of the news I guess let me go over what intermittent chatter I have heard when the radio worked here and there. It seems Australia is actually almost completely zombie free, mostly in the outback and really rural parts. Sydney is still a bit of a lost cause, but they are slowly cleaning the outskirts of it as it was walled in when they tried to save the city (the wall is keeping the zombies out, which is a good thing for the moment). Have not heard much of anything from North Korea as they went completely silent when the outbreak happened. Much of Hawaii is cleared; I hear they lure as many as they can to the shore and kill them from boats till it gets too crowded. For us here in the mainland United States, it seems they are making headway in a lot of the smaller cities, since most of the huge urban zones got nuked and bombed. Canada is doing a great job towards their most northern points as the frigid cold slows and freezes zombies. As for the tip of the week I believe I have covered a bit of this information before but figured I would go over it a little more in-depth. I am talking about close combat edge weapons. If you have to use these types it might be your last resort or you are in a cleanup crew going through an area already swept clean but killing the random downed zombie. The most readily available weapons that a civilian could buy before the outbreak were hatchets, machetes or tools used for gardening or camping. Now these weapons are useful in close combat and are best used when swiping at the neck to take the head off, but you have to remember the brain is still active, which means that the zombie head is still active and can bite (so after taking the head make sure to stomp on the head or crush it with a hammer or heavy object). There are a multitude of swords out there, but the only ones that are useful are ones that can cut and slice. Merely stabbing does no good unless you can stab through the eye successfully, which is dangerous on its own and quite impossible to do. Since most swords that were easily found before the outbreak were mostly for show, you have to find a battle tested one that can withstand the rigors of battle. These would cost serious money in the past that could be spent elsewhere, but now money is no longer needed. These types of weapons never run out, so long as you have the will to swing them. The best type of sword to find and use are old school samurai katanas, or a Roman broadsword that you would use two hands to swing (these are a guaranteed kill slice through the neck or head). They are hard to come by, but can be found or with the right material and time made if the knowledge is found. There ya have it folks, all the news you need to know plus a little something to help you stay alive and help us win this war. I have to sign off as my buddy who helped me fix the radio is telling me it is about to blow if we don’t stop, so sorry folks this is Brandon signing off. Till next week, hopefully it will be working. Keep fighting and keep surviving.