Fox eying Fantastic Four reboot

If Omnicomic were that important where I could talk directly to studio heads I think the first question I would ask them would be "who are you and why do you suddenly care what I think?" I would ask this because 2008 gave comic book fans both Iron Man and The Dark Knight, quite possibly the two best comic book films to date. The reason these were so great is because they considered what the fan wanted to see and both directors made sure that their products were just awesome and almost a nod to the fans. Now 20th Century Fox is looking to go a similar route with some of their other franchises that weren't so hot the first time around, including Fantastic Four. IESB reports that 20th Century Fox has both Fantastic Four and Daredevil slated for reboots, because now its clear that if you make a good comic book movie then the profits will be insane. But with every reboot comes a complete overhaul, meaning we can't expect to see either the director or cast return should the new films actually happen. This is part of the grander plan to make it slightly darker but still a little tongue in cheek (think Iron Man). I'm not completely opposed to recasting the parts, however I do think two of them should stay. Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic and Chris Evans as Human Torch. Those two really got into character really well. Michael Chiklis did an admirable job as The Thing too, so I wouldn't mind him coming back either, but Jessica Alba just wasn't really cutting it as Invisible Woman. But I know that Fox will think that if you bring back some of the original cast then it wouldn't be perceived as a reboot, so there goes that I suppose. Who do you think should be cast in the roles? Fox eying Fantastic Four reboot