Gambit origins coming in June

Marvel has been doing a lot lately, with all their movies coming out, making comics digital, and generally just doing whatever it is they can to bring their media to the most people possible. And you can now add origin stories to that list, because rebooting their characters is all the rage as of late. Coming this June get ready, because it's time for the Ragin’ Cajun (not James Carville...the other Ragin' Cajun) to bust out as we finally learn Gambit's backstory and what makes him tick. In this one-shot writer Mike Carey will take the reader throughout Gambit's history, including how he became a member of the X-Men. "This is really the story of how Gambit comes within the orbit of the X-Men, which in his case happens in a number of stages spread out across several years," Carey tells us of the special. "We start on his wedding day, and we finish on the day when he saves Storm's life in UNCANNY X-MEN #266." I for one am really excited for this comic as we've never really know a lot about Gambit, beyond the few facts that have come out about him. He used to be a part of a Thieve's Guild and eventually became a member of the X-Men but how? Well this June Marvel will fill you in and you will realize just what kind of a mutant Gambit really is. Gambit origins coming in June