Gotham City Dossiers: Brain Scan Studios

I enjoy the opportunities I get to throw a shout out to a fellow Bostonian, and Brian Kirsten is just that. Kirsten runs Brain Scan Studios, a slightly off-kilter studio that focuses on short series spoofing certain other works out in comic book shops. But what spoofs could be worth reading you ask? Well let me tell you. Watchmensch is about a team of lawyers who work in the comic book industry and must band together against a conspiracy. There have been recent murder attempts aimed as Nite Nurse, Spottyman, Silk, 1700 Broadway Manhattan and Ozzyosbourne. And a cloned creature is prepping for a "drop in" on the city in the immediate future, so they have to contend with that as well. The book is by Rich Johnston and Simon Rohrmuller and available as of March 24, so get in gear and find it. Revolution of the Mask #1 by Lewis Lovhaug and Leonardo Freites is another proverbial feather in Brain Scan's cap. A massive, no-holds barred war has decimated the planet leaving only "The All," or what remains of the Earth's population. Everyone belongs to everyone else, and there's no longer an "i" in team (there never was, but it's really true here). The new world leads to the Revolution of the Mask, or individuals donning capes and costumes seeking to redefine individuality. Finally, Serial #1 by David Hayes, Kurt Belcher, Kevin Moyers et. al is a monthly series that spotlights famous (rather, infamous) real serial killers. The layout is reminiscent of the 50s pulp comics and each issue features a 10-page main story, 6-page back up story and a 4-page spotlight story. The inaugural issue features John Wayne Gacy, Angel Resendiz and Albert Fish. There are quite a few other books over there that you should take the time to check out if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Brain Scan Studios