Gotham City Dossiers: IDW Publishing

Seasonal affective disorder is something that some people face when they live in adverse conditions. One such condition that could be considered adverse would be thirty days of night. For some people, the notion that there are vampires feasting endlessly for a month isn't nearly as scary as the lack of daylight for a month. Maybe those people should reevaluate their fears. Anyways, IDW Publishing knows a thing or two about vampires, robots, space and soldiers. The above mentioned depiction comes courtesy of 30 Days of Night, the Steve Niles crafted story of vampires feasting on a small Alaskan town. Barrow (which sounds alarmingly like marrow), Alaska, clears out for a month of every year as darkness sets in. And with the darkness comes vampires. Their quest for a buffet is halted by the town's sheriff and his wife/ex-wife as the remaining humans fight for survival. Another property that IDW has its hands in is Transformers. Nothing too revolutionary in terms of storylines, as it's more of Optimus Prime and the Autobots battling Megatron and the Decepticons. Only without the cacophony of Baysplosions all around you. That's not the only property that IDW has reformed from your youth however. Go Joe himself is in the stable as GI Joe features the exploits of the real American hero in his/her quest to stop Cobra from taking over the world. No word if the BET is featured as a prominent weapon or not in the book. Finally, Star Trek. The exploration of the final frontier continues in the pages of a comic book. The book takes the best from both old and new and merging them together in some fantastic sense of magic and science. And I'm sure humpback whales are involved in there somewhere if time travel is occurring. So yeah. Tons of cool stuff to check out from IDW Publishing. A lot of it will walk you down memory lane in reliving your youth, but that's not a bad thing. IDW Publishing