Gotham City Dossiers: Top Cow Productions

You would have to milk 260 cows for an entire year to fill a space shuttle's external fuel tank with 529,000 gallons of milk. That's right. I bet you didn't know that, just like you might not know about one of the "top cows" out there in the comic book landscape in Top Cow Productions. These guys have built quite the stable of heroes and villains, so it was only fair that Omnicomic sheds the spotlight on them. The most prevalent Top Cow comic is Witchblade, the story of an ancient gauntlet that grants its bearer immense (sometimes uncontrollable) power. The current bearer of the Witchblade is actually two women (Sara Pezzini and Danielle Baptiste), but the upcoming War of the Witchblades storyline looks to get that number down to one. Expect an epic battle for the right to be called Witchblade. Ron Marz is currently writing, and this property is so hot that there was an anime last year as well as a feature film due out later this year. The Darkness is a book that actually spun off of Witchblade. The book looks at those that can use Darkness, which is the ability to create anything they desire with The Darkness (even sentient beings) that will crumble to dust in the light. The power is passed from father to son and currently Jackie Estacado is the one with the darkness. He's also a man with a insatiable libido, but of course he can't act on it because part of the passing aspect of it is that the father is killed in the process of passing the power to his son. So Jackie tends to stay away from the women, much to his chagrin. Cyblade (of no relation to Witchblade) was one of the winners of the Pilot Season 2007 contest and follows the trials and tribulations of Dominique, a super hot fighter molded after Psylocke in a way in that she can produce electromagnetic energy from her fingertips (Psylocke did psychokinetic). The book features Marc Silvestri's fantastic illustrations and is actually a "reboot" of the character. She's been around for quite some time and has just now gotten back into the spotlight. Freshmen takes a look at "the adventures of college freshmen with extradordinary powers." The book is from the minds of Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov and has characters such as Kenneth Weismeyer (obsessed with superheroes but doesn't have any powers), Annalee Rogers (can jump into people's minds briefly to control them) and Paula Pophouse (can make anyone instantly fall in love with her) just to name a few. The book is definitely more of a tongue in cheek take on superheroes, but is pretty amusing. So there you have it. I'm sure you've already heard of Top Cow before now, but hopefully there were some books that they published that you might have known of. Top Cow Productions


  1. you should of mention that the Darkness spawned its own game on Xbox 360 and was quite fun to play.


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