Gotham City Dossiers: Udon Entertainment

Udon Entertainment specializes in a particular brand of comic, one that includes Hadokens and Tiger Uppercuts. Yes son, Udon Entertainment is behind the Street Fighter oriented comics, as well as various other manga and anime endeavors. How may Street Fighter series are there you ask? For one, there is Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li, which follows the title character and her partner Po-lin as they are hot on the trail of Shadaloo’s latest scheme. Meanwhile, Dan Hibiki faces off against Sagat (purveyor of the above mentioned Tiger Uppercuts). The miniseries is currently at issue #2 of 6, so you're not too late to jump into the action. Another book is Street Fighter II Turbo, the current issue of which features the same Chun-Li as she takes on five Shaolin fighters at once, featuring the phyiscal stylings of Snake, Mantis, Crane, Monkey and Tiger. And the current issue (issue #4) sheds a rather large spotlight on Rufus, a newcomer to the Street Fighter universe. Each issue looks at a different character from the Street Fighter universe in various states of action. Now, you probably think that Udon should just be named Capcom at this point because of all the Street Fighter. But that's not all! They've also got Final Fight and Darkstalker books in production (yes those are Capcom too), but there are also some other books. 1520 is about a handsome prince Zelos and royal maid Ana, two 15-year-olds from two very different kingdoms bound together by a magical curse that makes them 10-years-old. This curse involves some pretty epic math skills because when Ana laughs or Zelos cries, one can each to their original age of 15, but at the cost of knocking the other down to a mere 5 years old. There are also some volumes such as Apple Vol.1 and Robot Vol.5 that collect various issues of those works in a convenient book form. Udon Entertainment has a little bit of something for everybody. Especially if you're a fan of Hurricane Kicks and Sonic Booms, because there is a definite representation of Street Fighter comics for you to enjoy. I've never really been into manga, but if that's your cup of tea than Udon has something for you too. And yes, Street Fighter IV really is that awesome of a game, if you were waiting for an Omnicomic endorsement. Udon Entertainment