Grant Morrison working on new Batman series

Well that wasn't much of a respite. After his run on Batman concluding with the R.I.P. storyline, most fans thought that Grant Morrison was done (for now at least) writing for the Caped Crusader. Turns out, that's not the case. In an interview with IGN, Morrison spilled some beans about his new series, Batman & Robin. I know, I know. The title isn't very original. Anyways, expect the book to focus on life for the new Batman as he unsuccessfully attempts to fill the massive void left by Bruce Wayne as Batman. There will also be some Joker most likely, and plenty of psychology behind the story. In Morrison's own words, this new take will be "creepier, like David Lynch doing the TV show." Yipes. Whenever you factor in Lynch, expect some midgets, circular dialogue and odd characters. I'm sure Morrison won't take it that far, but it is an interesting twist on what could be a decent system. The reboot is slated to begin this June with an all new Batman and Robin. Stay tuned for more details. And make sure you check out that sweet ride in the back of the shot. Pimpin'. Grant Morrison working on new Batman series