Green Lantern already cast?

Is Green Lantern really going to happen as a movie? Warner Brothers wants it to, and the character can pretty easily be modified to be squeaky clean like the big WB wants from their new blockbusters. But you need an actor that can portray that image as well. Who would that be you ask? Latino Review seems to think they have a really good idea. Chris Pine. That's right. The new Captain Kirk himself has been offered the part of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the upcoming Green Lantern film. He definitely looks the part, however I've never really seen him act in anything. I know he'll be in Star Trek (and that movie looks epic), but I honestly don't know. Apparently he hasn't even accepted yet, but at least we know that an offer is out there. This is an interesting offer. When the Justice League film was in pre-production, early rumors had Common playing the role of John Stewart. Now they're switching to Hal Jordan? You have to wonder what their motives are for making the change. Maybe the felt that Common couldn't carry the film by himself? Or that Chris Pine will come with the inevitable star appeal from an expectedly awesome Star Trek film? Pine hasn't officially accepted the role yet, so this could still go any which way. Chris Pine as Green Lantern