Heroes returning for another season

Heroes has been somewhat of a roller coaster. Not so much in terms of storyline or character development, but more so in terms of ratings. The show that was a ratings darling the first year has been gradually suffocating under the weight of its characters and storylines. That won't stop NBC though, who has just been confirmed to picking up the show for another season. The Hollywood Reporter writes that NBC has signed on for another 18-20 episodes of the show. NBC is clearly not deterred by the declining ratings and point out that the show has broad international appeal, so why end it? There have been private discussions to set a series end date for the show, but such a date has yet to be solidified (and it won't be next season). Now I should caveat this all by saying that what happens today may not be the case tomorrow. That is, if the ratings continue to fall and people just aren't feeling the show anymore I wouldn't be surprised if this season does end up being the last season. At this rate however I would say that there is at least one season left of the show. NBC renews Heroes for another season