Jon Favreau Twitters Iron Man 2

I am 99.9% certain that Skynet is that much closer to becoming fully self-aware. In these crazy times you can keep track of anyone anywhere, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Jon Favreau is going the decidedly more pleasant voluntary route by Twittering away. Some of those "tweets" include updates on Iron Man 2. Those tweets include the following:
  • Rehearsed today with Mr. Rockwell.
  • Great rehearsal today with Gwyneth, RDJ and Don Cheadle.
  • Rehearsed today with Gwyneth. She looks ripped. I gotta read GOOP and see what the hell she's eating.
  • Omnicomic is the greatest (disclaimer: Favreau didn't really tweet that)
So follow along if you want to know how the movie is coming along. Or what Gwyneth Paltrow eats to be that ripped. Or what Sam Rockwell looks like in the film (see below). Jon Favreau Twitter