LEGO Watchmen

I suppose the transition was inevitable. LEGOS are quietly but efficiently assimilating our world full of curves and full range of motion with straight lines and angles. The latest to be converted? Watchmen. Sir Nadroj has created some LEGO incarnations of the main characters of Watchmen and have showcased them for the world to see over on the MOC Pages, a forum for user generated LEGO content. Included are Dr. Manhattan (sans genitalia), Nite Owl (who looks strikingly like Batman), Ozymandias, Rorshach, Silk Spectre and The Comedian. I suppose Archimedes (Nite Owl's flying contraption) may be next, but until then you'll have to be content with these characters. I would also suppose that it's only a matter of time until we see DC licensed LEGO Watchmen released, right alongside gasoline and matches that I'm sure Alan Moore will be buying for self-immolation as he sees one of his greatest creations further commericialized. LEGO Watchmen